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To look stylish, not only good clothes but you also need to take care of these 8 things

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Friends wear nice clothes and feel that they look very good but this does not happen because along with clothes you need to pay attention to many more things.

To look stylish, not only good clothes but you also need to take care of these 8 things
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1) You must use perfume while going out of the house because sweat smells bad. Perfume removes its odor and spreads the fragrance.

2) You should also pay a lot of attention to your nails as long and dirty blood spoils the personality. So they kept cutting it from time to time.

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3) You also need to pay attention to hair because hair also plays an important role in increasing personality.

4) If your eyebrows are thick, then make them short immediately because thick eyebrows do not look good.

5) If your mouth smells, then you must take some remedy or take cardamom because it eliminates this problem. Smelling of the mouth spoils the personality.

6) If you have a problem of itching, you should cure it immediately because it spoils the personality.

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7) If dark circles under the eyes also spoil the personality, then definitely follow some solution to hide them.

8) You must take bath daily as it does not dry the skin.

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