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Alia Bhatt reveals her best-kept skincare secrets

One of the youngest actors in Bollywood, Alia Bhatt has won a million hearts with her spectacular performance on screen. Off-screen, too, the young woman is a sight to behold. While scrolling through her Instagram profile, you will realize that Alia prefers going makeup-free when she is not shooting or attending an event.

Her flawless, natural skin made us wonder what the secret behind her glowing skin could be. Hence, we sent our detectives out to do some digging and here’s what they came back with.

Ice cubes for puffy eyes

Alia Bhatt reveals her best-kept skincare secrets

Ever woke up with puffy eyes and didn’t know what to do next other than cancelling all your plans and skipping work? Alia Bhatt too faces this problem once in a while but instead of freaking out, she reaches for ice cubes! Yes, she uses it as a cold compress to reduce swelling and get rid of the problem in a jiffy.

Fuller’s earth

When it comes to taking care of her skin and hair, Alia loves using tried and tested natural ingredients. She believes that fuller’s earth or multani mitti is one of the best skincare ingredients and works really well for her skin. We couldn’t agree more! It absorbs excess oil, makes the skin soft and also helps reduce dark spots.

Herbal makeup removal wipes

The actress is a sucker for natural and herbal skin care products. So when it comes to getting rid of her makeup at the end of the day, she turns to herbal makeup removal wipes and face cleansers to get squeaky clean skin. Alia’s mantra is to keep it simple and stick to the basics to get healthy skin and hair.

Allows her skin to breathe

Now, this one might come as a surprise but Alia does not follow a nighttime skincare routine. She believes in the less is more mantra and feels that layering your skin with too many products can confuse it. Hence, she skips applying products at night and lets her skin breathe and repair itself, naturally.

Stays hydrated and gets enough sleep

This one is pretty obvious, there’s no way you’ll get glowing skin inside without being properly hydrated. Therefore, Alia advises to drink lots of water and sip on fresh fruit and vegetable juices whenever you get the chance.

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