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Know why Trump was angry, he said this while leaving India

US President Donald Trump is on a two-day visit to India. In a press conference on the second day of the tour, he mentioned the tariff in an interaction with journalists. And tried to surround India with this issue. Trump expressed his displeasure that India is not doing well with us. He said that India levies a very high tariff on Harley Davidson bikes.

Responding to a journalist's question, the US President said that India is not doing justice to America. He said that India imposes very high tariffs on us, Harley Davidson is an example. The US had also raised questions about import duty in the past.

Trump told India 'Tariff King'

US President Donald Trump said that when Harley sends Davidson, India imposes very high tariffs on it. But when India sends its bike, we do not levy any tariff. What India is doing to us is not good. Goodness should come from both sides. Let me tell you that last year, on the Harley Davidson issue, Trump had called India as the 'Tariff King'.

Tariff mentioned on Harley Davidson

In fact, America has been complaining to India over the years on the issue of Harley Davidson, which is considered one of the most luxurious bikes in the world. Last year, Donald Trump said that we do not tolerate India's decision and even 50% tariff on Harley Davidson is not allowed. India imposed a 100 percent tariff on Harley Davidson, but later when Modi-Trump negotiated the tariff was fixed at 50 percent.

Still waiting for trade deal

Significantly, efforts are being made between India and America on the trade deal for a long time. But the matter is not being formed. This trade deal could be a big boost for India amid the recessionary environment around the world. However, Trump told Indian companies that he was quite satisfied with their investment. Regarding his visit to India, he said that no President had received so much honor.

Indo-US trade

By the way, business between India and America is increasing continuously. America's trade with the world's countries was less than one percent in 2019. But this is not the case with India. In 2019, both countries traded at $ 92.08 billion which was 5 per cent higher than in 2018.

Know why Trump was angry, he said this while leaving India
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not india but Indian govt is king of lies, king of taxes, king of riots, king of rights snatchers of minorities, king of dirty politics......

1 Months ago


modi is looting INDIA any giving benefits to USA and European countries.they are dealing in dollars and they pressure is to buy their weapons and machineries.

1 Months ago


Modi govt is king of lies and looting India. India was a good country but this Modi govt has ruined India, crippled it economically, dividing in the name of hindutva and trying to seclude certain religion by CAA laws. Very disturbing and atmosphere of fear exists in India.

1 Months ago

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