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5 Vastu Tips To Bring Happiness in Life

5 Vastu Tips To Bring Happiness in Life

Vastu Shastra even reveals the secret for inner happiness. What we sow, so we reap. Hence, the more we give, we get back in abundance. Whatever we give, we get back the same thing; if we give out negative energy, we receive negative energy, if we give out positivity, we receive positivity. To get love in abundance, we need to first give out love in quantum, similarly, if you have a cash crunch, first give out regularly from your income, you will soon find that it is being returned to you ten times over.

* If you have a figure of Lord Buddha, place it in the north-east Vastu zone of your house. When you place the symbol of a spiritually elevated person like Lord Buddha, it sends a message to your house that you want to get connected with your higher self!

* Wind chimes can be hung in the north, northwest and west vastu zones. In the north, place a wind chime made up of five rods to attract new career opportunities. A seven-rod wind chime in the west brings overall gain.

* Fire is known a powerful cosmic cleanser. Burn incense sticks and earthen lamps in the morning and evening, and feel positive energy flowing into your home!

* Placing your dressing table in the right direction can help in improving your relationships. Keep it adjacent to your bedroom, but avoid placing it against the southern wall in the southwest zone. Placement of the dressing table should be decided keeping in mind the effect of mirrors, in Vastu.

* One very beautiful item of décor from Feng Shui is a small water-flowing system which recycles water, where the water flows inside instead of outside. The significance of this is that just like the water in the fountain, good health, wealth and happiness will always keep flowing into your life.

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