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‘Not alone’: Bachelor star praised over real selfie

In just two photos, Bachelor star Sogand lifted the lid and showed the reality behind glamorous Insta shots — and fans are loving it.

Bachelor contestant Sogand Mohtat has opened up about feeling like she is “more pregnant than my pregnant sister” due to bloating in a post that has earnt the reality star praise from her fans.

Mohtat, who appeared on this year’s series and was an early frontrunner for Matt Agnew’s affections, shared a series of selfies on Instagram showing how her body changed after certain meals.

In the first shot the engineer showed off her abs and toned figure in her underwear, while the second shot showed the 31-year-old in her trackpants.

‘Not alone’: Bachelor star praised over real selfie

Bachelor star praised for real selfieSource:Instagram

Bachelor star praised for real selfieSource:Instagram

Mohtat wrote that consuming things like “carbs, beer, onion, beans, cauliflower” had a drastic impact on how she looked.

“Some days my abs are on fire & then there are other days when I look more pregnant than my pregnant sister,” she wrote.

The reality star said that while she knows “bloating is temporary” she struggled to not feel self-conscious about it.

“I find it so hard to not let it get to me especially when I go on insta & it’s ‘International Flat Stomach Day’,” she joked.

“So if you’re also having a food baby right now, you ain’t alone #bekindtoyourbody.”

Sogand Mohtat appeared on this year’s Bachelor.Source:Instagram

Mohtat’s followers were quick to praise her for sharing such a brutally honest post, with one writing that it showed other women were “not alone”.

“That’s a woman’s stomach for ya!!” another wrote, while one added: “This is the story of my life.”

A frontrunner on early episodes of The Bachelor, Mohtat was eliminated after feuding with eventual runner-up, Abbie Chatfield.

Mohtat isn’t the only Instagram celebrity to share her bloating on Instagram lately, with influencer Ariella Nyssa sharing a series of “real” bikini snaps with model Karina Irby earlier this month.

Nyssa shared a series of photos of the two women proudly showing off their “bloated” stomachs.

Mum’s stunning ‘real’ bikini photo earns praise

“Wait you don’t think bloating is cute?” Nyssa captioned the photo.

“NEWS FLASH: bloating is normal and just because I don’t have a six pack doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful.”

The Sydney model went on to encourage her followers to not feel “embarrassed or ashamed” if they didn’t have a flat stomach all day everyday.

“You bloat, I bloat, EVERYBODY BLOATS! Don’t you dare feel inferior for it,” she said.

Steph Claire Smith stuns fans with ‘real’ selfie

Fitness model Steph Claire Smith, who married her longtime partner in a midriff-baring crop top and skirt over the weekend, has also documented her bloating on Instagram.

“Guess what. We bloat. We fluctuate. We’re puffy one day and feeling like lean beans the next. That’s life,” she shared in a post in October.

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